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The Future Media Sales “bundled” newspaper sales program is tailored for businesses or organizations that want to generate additional revenue on an ongoing basis. In bundled sales programs, the discounted cost of a newspaper subscription can be included in the admission fee to a business (Hollywood Paintball Park) or in a student registration or activity fee. Bundled sales programs promote the value-added inclusion of a newspaper subscription, along with the admission or service fee. The customer has to “opt in” (check a box) that indicates he wants to pay the cost of the “bundled” admission fee or service fee.

Or the customer can choose to pay the regular admission or service fee without the newspaper offer. The cost difference between “opting in” and not can be as little as a few cents. Bundled sales programs can run on a continuing basis. Or they can be scheduled to coincide with registration periods (each semester) for a school or college, or with peak times for your business. A bundled sales program can be tailored for hoe delivery of a print subscription or for online access to the participating newspaper’s e-Edition. Bundled sales programs are compliant with Alliance for Audited Media (formerly Audit Bureau of Circulations) guidelines.

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Case study

In April 2011, Future Media Sales launched a bundled sales program at three Giant Paintball Parks in Southern California. Paintball park visitors “opted in” to a subscription offer by checking a box on the waiver form that they had to complete to gain admittance. The offer was $5 for 10 weeks of discounted Sunday only home delivery.