Newspaper fundraising sales

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If your organization needs additional revenue, Future Media Sales can partner you with a newspaper that needs to boost its circulation. The result is a win-win scenario. Your organization earns one dollar for every dollar it collects at the point of sale. The participating newspaper gains valued readers, enabling it to charge more for in-paper advertising. Your organization’s members are encouraged to sell to families, friends, and neighbors, so a seller-buyer connection is already established. A typical goal would be for each of your members to sell at least one or two newspaper subscriptions.

Fundraising programs focus on sales of weekend or Sunday-only home delivery. These types of service are less expensive than everyday delivery, and the new subscriber has more leisure time to read them. All new newspaper subscriptions are prepaid via check or credit card. Cash payments are not accepted. Future Media Sales fundraising programs typically run for several weeks or less. The shorter the program, the greater the sense of urgency there is for your organization members to meet their sales goal. Newspaper fundraising programs are compliant with Alliance for Audited Media (formerly Audit Bureau of Circulations) guidelines.

Please contact Future Media Sales at 626.339.4638 or via this site’s “Contact” page.

Case study

In late 2011, Bishop Amat implemented a newspaper sales program that generated 244 new print subscriptions for a local newspaper. The school netted $10 per new subscription. Parents of students received a Sunday-only subscription for 26 weeks at a steeply discounted rate, the cost of which was included in the student’s registration fee.